Al Tarfa Lodge: oasis of luxury in the deserts of Egypt

Recently awarded the 2010 Tatler Travel Award in the Best Adventure Hotel category, Al Tarfa is an eco-friendly lodge in the Dakhla Oasis.  With 20 suites and rooms, the hotel harmoniously blends buildings into the Saharan landscape where visitors can enjoy the beauty of desert and oases geographies such as humid-free weather full of sunshine and rich Saharan cultures.  The rooms are built with local and natural materials with modern-classic furniture and unique ceilings, lamps, and luxurious carpets.

The hotel is a quiet sanctuary as it is hundreds of miles from the hustle of Egypt’s urban centers. The flowing orchards of date trees along with its isolated location allow guests to relax while exploring the rich culture of Egypt’s most exquisite regions.  The interior design takes you back to more luxurious times with elegant and stylish paintings and furniture throughout the lodge.  The Dar Al-Mona Lounge is atop the highest point of the lodge and is a mixture of oases-inspired architecture and elegance to give an environment of casual comfort with salons, a bar, library, and fireplace.

The swimming pool resembles a mirage and is set atop a sand-dune with a terrace bar and scattered private dining areas that have exceptional views over the lush greenery and infinite miles of deserts beyond.   The Dar Al Hana Spa has a sauna, steam room, and an indoor heated pool that offers full relaxation.

True to its isolated oasis nature, Tarfa can be a bit difficult to get to and there are no flat screen TVs or WiFi.  However, the lodge maintains a quality of service world and the remoteness of the lodge only adds to its intrigue.  Rates range from €100-500 per night and are usually all inclusive.

Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary – Lodge & Spa
Al-Mansoura, Dakhla Oasis
New Valley, Egypt
Tel: +2 092 9105 007 /8 /9
Email the hotel to inquire about a booking.

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