Atmospheric Barcelona Internet cafe: Bornet

barri el born barcelona

El Born district in Barcelona

If you are looking for a quirky gallery-Internet cafe in Barcelona with lots of atmosphere and art, go to Bornet in the El Born district (center of Barcelona). Located very close to the Picasso Museum, it’s difficult to find because it is in one of those tiny alleyways where you find yourself perpetually lost. It doubles as an art gallery. And the coffee is excellent. You can use one of their terminals or bring your own laptop.

  • Vibe: quirky art gallery that doubles as an Internet cafe, located in the heart of Barcelona close to the Picasso Museum.
  • Pros: they have terminals so you don’t need to bring your laptop to check your email; Wi-Fi available; excellent coffee; very quiet.
  • Cons: difficult to find unless you orient yourself around the Picasso Museum, which is around the corner.

Bornet Internet gallery cafe
Barra de ferro, 3
08003 Barcelona


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