Away from the crowds: Sushi Ran in Sausalito

If you have ever taken the ferry or cycled from San Francisco to Sausalito across the Golden Gate Bridge, the first thing you notice when you come to this picturesque little town is how much of its main street has been taken over by fast food joints and tacky souvenir shops. The reason is fairly obvious: Sausalito gets hundreds of tourists crossing over the bay daily from San Francisco. So where do you eat if you happen to be in Sausalito during lunchtime? Go to Sushi Ran, a small Japanese restaurant tucked behind the back streets of Sausalito.

  • Vibe: Quiet little Japanese sushi restaurant just behind the main street of Sausalito, dignified minimalist interiors filled with light, elegant but not stiff; a lot of business people during the lunch hour, but it does not feel like the suits have taken over the place
  • Pros: outstanding fish, inventive twists on traditional Japanese dishes, good service
  • Cons: be prepared to sit at the sushi bar if you have no reservations (I love sitting at the sushi bar but some people prefer to have a table to themselves)

Sushi Ran
107 Caledonia Street
Sausalito, CA 94965
+1 415 332 3620

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