B Star Bar serves eclectic Asian food in Inner Richmond (San Francisco)

After my wonderful lunch at Burma Superstar, friends told me to check out their sister location, B Star Bar, which is not a bar but a restaurant serving “an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary Asian fare.” (quote from the website).

B Star is located down the street from Burma Superstar and it has a different menu, a bit more trendy and light than Burma Superstar. The food is very delicious and the service is excellent. My favorite dish is the vegetarian samusa soup which tastes nothing like any soup I’ve ever had in a restaurant in SF. I won’t even try to describe it here, you’ll simply have to go there and order it. The other dish I like is the wild rice salad (hijiki, pickled gobo, avocado, coriander, cucumbers) because it’s healthy but filling. And don’t forget to try their avocado shake — a thick, rich concoction that seems to have five or more avocados mashed up with crushed ice. The lychee shake is also delicious but I prefer the avocado.

  • Vibe: simple, stylish decor of a neighborhood restaurant;
  • Pros: very delicious savory Asian food at reasonable prices, good service;
  • Cons: Parking on Clement during lunch hour is horrible — park a few blocks away on California Street.

I’ve added B Star Bar to my list of favorite “recession friendly” SF restaurants.

B Star Bar
127 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
+1 415 933 9900

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