Bar Agricole: good cocktails, small plates, industrial chic in San Francisco

Bar Agricole opened this evening (officially, that is) to a rather fashionable crowd intent on sampling as many of their cocktails ($8) and small plates. We started with a glass of cava and a dolcetto then ordered a few small plates, all of which were very delicious and fresh:

  • courgette fritters ($6)
  • grilled sardines with avocado ($14), fat delicious savoury things
  • bigoli with pesto ($14), hand-made tube pasta in a delicate butter sauce
  • fish soup with clams and fennel and aïoli ($16)

Eater Inside: Bar Agricole

Other items on the menu include stuffed quail, roast leg of lamb, tomatoes with bottarga, corn pudding with ham, etc. Cocktails include dry Pisco Punch with pineapple gum and hibiscus bitters, Presidente: California agricole, farmhouse curaçao, grenadine, orange bitters, Petit Zinc: farmhouse vodka, orange juice, red vermouth, farmhouse curaçao and many others.

The restaurant was crowded, but the staff seemed to have  handle on things. The food came at reasonable intervals and the dolcetto (red wine) was served at the proper temperature (i.e. not California room temperature). The restaurant is located in a converted warehouse with concrete walls, high ceilings, and beautiful wood furniture. I was in this building (Matarozzi/Pelsinger Builders) two years ago for a 2008 AIASF Architecture and the City party. The restaurant has done a tremendous job with the interiors, making the space warmer and more inviting. The surrounding area is lively at night because of a number of clubs such as DNA Lounge and Slim’s.

Bar Agricole
355 11th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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