Burma Super Star restaurant in SF: reasonably priced, piquant Burmese dishes

The US is officially in a recession but people have not completely stopped eating out. In San Francisco, foodies have become more budget-conscious so they are going to places that serve good ethnic food at reasonable prices. I decided to hunt down the neighborhood gems where you can get a fabulous meal without breaking the bank.

The Richmond area of San Francisco is filled with Asian restaurants, noodle bars and groceries. Most are so-so, but a few stand out. Burma Super Star is one of those places that is now on my list of favorites. It’s small, cozy and gets a huge lunch time crowd. The Burmese food served here is a cross between Thai and Indian — some dishes are heavier than others. My absolute favorite dish is the samusa soup which has a blend of flavors that is unique and memorable. I’m still dreaming of it!

  • Vibe: cozy neighborhood hangout in the midst of Asian groceries, pho restaurants and noodle bars on Clement Street (between 4th and 5th streets)
  • Pros: the samusa soup is outstanding, the curries are piquant; good service
  • Cons: parking is absolutely miserable in this area and the SF parking police are hovering over you every second, so you have to park on California Street or beyond

Burmese Super Star Restaurant
309 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
+1 415 387 2147

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