Majda: Mediterranean cuisine in the countryside between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Majda is a hidden gem of a restaurant in the countryside between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, nestled above the hills of a small town called Ein Rafa across the motorway from Abu Ghosh. On a warm sunny spring day, the thing to do at Majda is to sit in the shaded garden surrounded by trees, […]

Kilo: Mapplr’s favorite restaurant in Singapore

Singapore is a food lover’s paradise and everyone here has a strong opinion about where to get the best dim sum, the best chicken rice and so on. So in true Singaporean style, I will announce my favorite restaurant in Singapore: Kilo. What do I like about Kilo? (1) The owners, Sharon and Javier, work […]

Eating out in Penang, Malaysia

  One of the best reasons to visit Penang, Malaysia is the food. It’s simply divine! The local specialty is asam laksa. Make sure you try asam laksa at a food stall in a hawker center. The one I went to (see photo above) was on the street at the end of the path down […]

Eating out in Singapore: the hype and the reality

When in Singapore, go to a hawker centre. Hawker centres are food courts filled with stalls selling different types of food — Chinese, Peranakan, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Filipino and more. Many stalls specialize in one thing only and that is what makes them good. Singaporeans are very opinionated about which stall sells the […]

Travel guide to Queenstown, New Zealand: hotels, restaurants, shopping, activities

Queenstown, New Zealand is considered the “adventure capital of the world” which means you get to hurl your body off a variety of locations, such as bridges (bungy jump), trees (zip on a harness on thin lines between tree tops at the Ziptrek Eco Tours), hillsides (paragliding) and airplanes (skydiving). For those more inclined to […]

Mapplr’s favorite restaurants in Santiago, Chile

After five months in Santiago, I have come up with my list of favorite restaurants. None serve traditional Chilean food. Why? Because Chilean food is mostly bland and unappetizing. Traditional Chilean dishes don’t use garlic, ginger, black pepper, spicy red or green peppers, in other words, anything that has a strong flavour is eschewed in […]

Latest on where to eat in New York City: Korean, southern Indian, Japanese and more

I have just returned from a fantastic two-week holiday in New York City where I indulged in my favorite ethnic food (Japanese, Korean, southern Indian, Italian, Vietnamese). Here’s where I ate: (1)┬áSakagura: Japanese sake bar (over 100 types of sake) and restaurant that serves small plates of very creative combinations of raw fish, tofu, vegetables, […]