India’s air pollution worse than China’s

In the previous post, we warned you about the foul air in China’s cities where levels of air pollution are so high that breathing is extremely hazardous to your health. People who have respiratory illnesses and chronic asthma are advised not to spend a lot of time in Beijing. What I did not know is […]

Travel health warning: smog in Beijing is way off the charts

If you thinking of visiting Beijing and you have respiratory problems (like asthma), bring an inhaler or stay indoors. Yesterday, more than 150 flights to Beijing were cancelled because of fog (official explanation), but in addition to the fog was an excessively high level of pollution, so high it was “off the charts”. The US […]

Travel advisory Argentina: Volcanic ash cloud in Villa La Angostura, Bariloche

I have just returned from a trip to the beautiful Seven Lakes region of southern Argentina which encompasses the popular ski resort of Bariloche. Unfortunately, Villa La Angostura, one of the loveliest little towns nestled between the lakes and the mountains, is buried under ash. I could barely see the sky, let alone the blue […]

Redesigning hotel rooms for the 21st century

This Financial Times article about Accor (the European hotel chain) upgrading 40,000 hotel rooms around the world to speed up the cleaning of budget hotel rooms and lower the cost of cleaning, is the trend of the future for all hotel chains: “Global hotel chain Accor wanted to improve the ease and speed of cleaning […]

French tourists murdered in Salta, Argentina

The bodies of two young female French hikers were discovered on a hiking trail in Salta, Argentina last week. The women were shot to death at close range, one in the head, and the other in the back. One of the women appears to have been sexually assaulted. News reports say that the victims may […]

Belgium to the south of France on the TGV for only 50 EUR

Here’s an amazing deal from Thalys (the French high-speed rail service from Brussels and Antwerp to France). Each Saturday from June 25 until August 27, 2011, Thalys has a super low rate starting at 50 EUR (Comfort 2 class) which will take you from Brussels or Antwerp-Central to: Valence (3 hours 30 minutes) Avignon (4 hours) […]

New Thai airline PC Air hires transsexual flight attendants

PC Air, a Thai airline beginning operations in April 2011, has announced that it is hiring transsexual flight attendants. According to Gadling, “Thailand has one of the world’s largest transsexual, or “third sex” populations, and its surgeons have achieved a global reputation for providing relatively affordable, easily accessible sex change operations (which pertain to the transgender, […]