Catit: Mediterranean food in Tel Aviv’s trendy Neve Tzedek district

It’s not difficult to find a good place for dinner in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv. But if you want a place that’s not too crowded and noisy, you should go to Catit, located in a villa away just a short walk from the bars, cafes and restaurants of Neve Tzedek.

Catit serves Mediterranean cuisine with a Middle Eastern touch. It’s perfect for a quiet romantic evening.

  • Vibe: elegant dining room with black and white tiled floors, tables are far enough that you can carry on a civilized conversation.
  • Pros: excellent French and Italian dishes from the Med, good wine list; Neve Tzedek location is a big plus because it’s close to a lot of good bars and cafes, good service.
  • Cons: None really.

Catit Restaurant
4 Heihal hatalmud Street
Tel Aviv (Neveh Tzedek)
+972 3 510 7001


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