Dosa serves up delicious south Indian food in Pacific Heights

Dosa had just opened a second restaurant on Fillmore Street (at Post) in Pacific Heights. The original Dosa is on Valencia Street in the Mission and it has become one of my favorite restaurants in SF. Dosa serves south Indian cuisine, which is very different from nearly all of the Indian food you find in San Francisco. The specialty of Dosa is dosas: thin crispy crepes with a variety of fillings such as lentils and mung beans, and side dishes of coconut and tomato chutneys. Dosa also serves soups, salads, main dishes and desserts. My favorites: mung bean salad, crab vedas, paper dosa, lamb curry and the Bollywood Hills cocktail made with saffron vodka.

  • Vibe: Bollywood chic, mix of Pacific Heights families and singles, lively bar scene
  • Pros: serves South Indian food (which is difficult to find in SF), the specialty – dosas – are very delicious; spicy unusual salads, savoury chutneys, unusual cocktails, excellent service
  • Cons: can be very loud at times; street parking is difficult (the usual problem in Pacific Heights)

DOSA on Fillmore
1700 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Cross Street: Post Street

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  1. Just because the address is on Fillmore st. doesn't make it Pacific Heights. Straight across from the Kabuki (aka Sundance) Theater is either Japantown or the Fillmore, and nothing to be ashamed about either.

  2. There's upper Pacific Heights and lower Pacific Heights. For me Pacific Heights (along Fillmore) stops at Geary – that's the boundary. Japantown is a thing on its own. Dosa is in lower Pacific Heights.