Ett Hem: cozy historic boutique hotel in Stockholm

Hotels around the world can provide luxury, they can provide great service and even offer comfort, but Ett Hem, a boutique hotel in Stockholm Sweden, strives for something more—it strives to take you home.

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The hotel, an early 20th-century townhouse, is just a short 10-minute walk from the city center, and is less than a kilometer from Stureplan, the popular shopping and nightlife district filled with shops, restaurants, and museums. The experience at Ett Hem is much like staying at a very conveniently located friend’s or relative’s house — guests are encouraged to retrieve snacks from the fridge, open a bottle of wine and even take the car out for a spin. Recently converted from a decades-old home by Ilse Crawford of Studioilse, the hotel was once home to a Swedish government official and his wife, who allegedly had a passion for the collector, Karin Larsson. This influenced the aesthetics of the home, allowing for a romantic and familiar ambiance. The house itself was designed by Fredrik Dahlberg.

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With only 12 rooms and suites, (six suites, five double rooms and one duplex suite) the hotel feels intimate and comfortable. The warm décor (made of cane wood, leather, velvet and gold, brown and cream colors) makes the rooms feel inviting and lived in. Rooms differ in size and style. Most have city views, exquisite furniture, and air-conditioning. Several rooms have open fireplaces and tiled stoves. Guests can hang out in the kitchen, library, living room and garden. Among other services, a daily newspaper, free WiFi, parking (for a fee) and laundry service are also available.

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An added feature of the hotel is the private collection of art and photography that one sees throughout the house. It’s easy to forget you’re staying in a hotel (and difficult to leave) because of the tranquil spaces and warm familiar interiors. If you are looking for a unique place to stay in Stockholm, this is the place for you.

Ett Hem
Sköldungagatan 2
11427 Stockholm

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  1. Hi, I’m an interior designer and I’ve been an Ilse Crawford fan for quite some time now. I love the way how she creates such simple, humble but yet designful and original pieces. I recently discovered a Portuguese furniture brand that fits perfectly with some of his projects… Boca do Lobo, have your ever heard about it ? Check out this lovely floor lamp…

    What do you think about it ? Would it deserve Ilse’s seal of approval ? I’m thinking about using it on my next project. Keep up with those useful posts ! Congrats on the blog, btw !

  2. Chris,

    The lamp looks beautiful. I like modern lamps with character. Thanks for telling us about Boca do Lobo. I will definitely try to stay at Ett Hem when I come to Stockholm.