Mapplr’s favorite hotels in Chicago

Dana Hotel and Spa Chicago

For people who love modern architecture, a visit to Chicago is a must. Buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe as well as those by contemporary architects such as Rem Koolhaas continue to influence the way buildings and houses are designed today. But it’s not only architecture fans who will enjoy Chicago. Anyone who loves big city life – nightclubs, restaurants, theater, opera and classical music – will find Chicago to be a marvelous place. Here is my list of favorite boutique hotels in the city.

The James
616 N Rush St.
Chicago, IL
+1 312 337 1000

Dana Hotel and Spa
660 N State St.
Chicago, IL
+1 312 202 6018

Hotel Burnham
1 W Washington St.
Chicago, IL
+1 312 782 1111

Affinia Chicago
166 East Superio
Chicago, IL
+1 312 787 6000

The Hotel 71
71 E Wacker Dr.
Chicago, IL
+1 312 346 7100


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