Mapplr’s favorite hotels in Lisbon


If you are thinking of a summer destination which isn’t too expensive or hot, consider Lisbon. Prices of food and drink are much lower than in cities like Barcelona and it’s never horribly hot in the summer. The food is very good, especially the pastries. And for whatever reason, the coffee in Lisbon is much better than anywhere else. Lisbon is a hilly but walkable city with a bridge that looks exactly like San Francisco’s Golden Gate. Everything seems to be from another age: the street cars, the quaint cafes, tiny bookstores and quiet parks that dot the city. It seems to be a lost world, like scenes taken from Fernando Pessoa’s poems and novels. There are many types of accommodation – from apartments to boutique hotels – and it is wise to book early because Lisbon has become very popular with the budget-travel crowd. Here are my favorite hotels in the city.

Fontana Park
Rua Eng. Vieira da Silva 2
Lisbon, Portugal
+351 213 576 212

Bairro Alto Hotel
Praça Luís de Camões 8
Lisbon, Portugal
+351 213 408 288

York House
Rua das Janelas Verdes, 32
Lisbon, Portugal
+351 21 396 24 35

Solar dos Mouros
Rua do Milagre de Santo António 6
Lisbon, Portugal
+351 21 885 49 40

Solar do Castelo
Rua das Cozinhas, 2
Lisbon, Portugal
+351 218 806 050

Hotel Britania
R. Rodrigues Sampaio, 17
Lisbon, Portugal
+351 213 155 016

Heritage Av Liberdade
Avenida da Liberdade 28
Lisbon, Portugal
+351 213 404 040

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