Mapplr’s favorite hotels in Montreal


If you are going to Montreal, check out these gorgeous hotels, from the very hip Hotel St. Paul (pictured above) to the stately, more traditional (but still contemporary) Hotel Le Germain. There’s no reason anymore to stay in a charmless, depressing business hotel if you have options such as these. Make sure you check out my list of favorite restaurants in Montreal.

Hotel St. Paul
355 rue McGill
+1 514 380-2222

Opus Hotel Montreal
10 rue Sherbrooke ouest
+1 514 843 6000

Hotel Gault
449 Rue Sainte-Hélène
+1 514 904 1616

Opus Hotel Montreal
10 rue Sherbrooke ouest
+1 514 843 6000

Hotel Le Germain Montreal
2050, rue Mansfield
+1 514 849 2050

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  1. Hotel Gault and the other hotels are absolutely beautiful, but Hotel Pierre du Calvet has a gorgeous 18n Century design. It was Built in 1725, Hotel Pierre du Calvet is a family mansion with antique furnishings and European character. It has a Victorian style as soon as you walk in you will feel like royalty. The suits have luxurious with their stone walls, heavy ceiling beams and elegant wood panels. They are furnished with antiques, mahogany canopy beds, superior quality Egyptian cotton linens, fireplaces, living-in area and all the modern comfort amenities of a four star hotel. They have a free parking area.

    Hotel is affordable, you can also host weddings, receptions and business meetings, and all sorts of parties. Hotel Pierre du Calvet is also close to the city were you can embark on cultural adventures such as Montreal Fine Art Museum, Le Château Dufresne, Le Diôdome de Montréal and it’s also suitable to explore the city by foot, bike or metro. You will definitely enjoy every experience at Hotel Pierre du Calvet.

    Hotel Pierre du Calvet also has an amazing restaurant, Les Filles du Roy, that offers a rich, subtle and varied menu. With precision, without extravagance, faithful to true flavours and excellently presented, the cuisine is classic and audacious. Your palate will be astonished by the variety of savours. See for yourselves: