Food in Tel Aviv: tapas at Herbert Samuel


This is my second time in Tel Aviv and I am happy to report that the quality of the food in restaurants and farmers markets is outstanding. Fruit and vegetables taste much better here than in Europe which is ironic since a large amount of produce in Dutch supermarkets comes from Israel (but sadly put on a truck before they are ripe). So eating out here is a wonderful experience. I will try to post over the next few days about more places I’ve visited.

Last night I went to a newly opened restaurant called Herbert Samuel (photo above) located across the beach. Stylish and chic, it’s the place to go with friends or business colleagues. But it’s really the food that brings people here. I tried the fresh anchovies on a bed of roasted red peppers, prosciutto, calamari with white beans and more. Absolutely delicious!

  • Vibe: Foodie chic. If you go early, it’s mostly an office crowd in suits; go later and the crowd becomes younger and more trendy. Sit at the bar so you can watch the scene.
  • Pros: great food, chic and modern decor.
  • Cons: reservations not easy to get, call at least a day in advance. But you can always sit at the bar (need to reserve though).

Herbert Samuel
Beit Gibor
Rehov Koifman 6
Tel Aviv
Tel + 972 3 516 6516

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  1. IMHO – one of the best restaurants in the world. the chef, Jonathan Roshfeld, is a f#$!ing genius.

  2. We spent a wonderful experience at Herbert Samuel. We recommend our suggestions at

    Moran veDavid