Hostaria Romana: excellent lunch near the Piazza Barberini in Rome

Photo taken by Glen Bolosan

Photo credits: Glen Bolosan

If you find yourself wondering where to have lunch near the Piazza Barberini – home to the Fontana del Tritone of Bernini – make an effort to walk to a small side street that is off the busy Via delle Quattro Fontane to find this little gem of a restaurant called Hostaria Romana.

Because it is off the main road, tucked away in a small street, it is not a tourist trap like the other places around the Piazza Barberini. The food — mostly Roman dishes — is very delicious. We had bucatini alla ‘matriciana (guanciale, piquant tomato sauce), a soup of pasta and beans, artichokes and spinach, and of course, a carafe of red wine. It was crowded at lunch with people from neighboring offices. The antipasti selection is amazing: fresh sardines, grilled artichokes, salumi and more. We found this restaurant by accident. We were very hungry but wanted to eat where the locals go, so we followed our rule which is to veer off to the smaller streets and search for menus that are only in Italian. That’s how we found Hostaria Romana.

Hostaria Romana
Vial Del Boccacio, 1
Rome, Italy
+39 06 47 45 284

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