Hotel Antumalal: relax in the natural beauty of Pucon, Chile

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In 1945, Czech immigrants Guillermo and Catalina Pollack commissioned renowned Chilean architect Jorge Elton to build them a hotel between Lago Villarrica and the eponymous volcano. Elton was a fan of Bauhaus and his creation, Antumalal (“corral of the sun”) in the native Mapuche tongue, is a perfect illustration of the harmony  of form, natural environment and function. The 22-room hotel is in the heart of the Chilean lake district and behind the cool exterior are the essentials of a log cabin:  each of the bedrooms is panelled in wood and stone and is made cozy by an open fire. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the lake and the hotel’s well-kept lawns.  Guests have included Queen Elizabeth II and Neil Armstrong.  Since 1950 their Restaurant Parque Antumalal has attracted visitors from all over the world to get a taste of their traditional European kuchenes y tortas; the restaurant has been evolving since then and now offers some of the finest dining in southern Chile.  The hotel offers the best view of Lake Villarica in all of Pucon and you sip on their signature cocktail, the Cran Sour, while watching the sunset in their relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

The hotel also has beautiful gardens that have not just one but four waterfalls that tumble on natural rock among native groundcover composed of lobelia and alyssum.  The majestic trunks of their native trees can be seen from all of the rooms of the hotel and there are plenty of paths lined with flowerbeds of marigolds, sage and dahlias that surprisingly end with two docks and a private beach.

This is the perfect place to stay for those who seek  tranquility and abundant nature.  You will definitely feel rejuvenated especially after you have experienced the hotel’s spa (Antumaco). There are also plenty of activities nearby and the hotel’s staff can arrangements for day excursions. Since Pucon is in an area of volcanic activity, there are plenty of hot springs, trekking possibilities and rafting.  Reservations can be made online.

Hotel Antumalal
Casilla 84
Pucon, Chile
+56 45 441011

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