Famous Los Angeles Korean BBQ taco truck chef opens restaurant


Roy Choi, chef of Kogi, the famous Los Angeles Korean barbecue taco truck, has just opened a restaurant in West Los Angeles called Chego. Kogi has a massive following among foodies in L.A. (especially young Asian foodies) and the taco truck (which serves Korean barbecue dishes on tacos) is followed by fanatics via Twitter. Fans even have a Kogi Barbecue Truck Junkies group pool on Flickr where they post photos of the truck and their favorite meals. Roy Choi has also been named by Food & Wine as one of the best new chefs of 2010.


Chego has a simple and inexpensive menu. There are four main dishes, all in a rice bowl (not tacos this time): pork belly, vegetable (kim chi), chicken and short rib. The most expensive thing on the menu – the short rib – costs $9. It’s open till midnight from Tuesday through Saturday. The website is hilarious. Check out the Kogi BBQ Flickr photostream.

3300 Overland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034
+1 310 287 0337

Chego on Urbanspoon

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