Mapplr adds four new restaurants to Tel Aviv favorites

Benedict Restaurant Tel Aviv

Just in time for the fall travel season. As I have mentioned in previous articles, there’s no shortage of good restaurants and cafes in the city. Here are four new restaurants to check out when you visit Tel Aviv, which finally is on Google maps (except, for now, the street names are in Hebrew — should be fun trying to figure that out).

Rokach 73
Rokach 73
Tel Aviv, Israel
+972 3 744 8844

Rabi Hanina 3
Tel Aviv, Israel
+972 3 682 8843
Italian sausages (charcuterie), opened by Vince from Vince & Tamar

Ben Yehuda 171
Tel Aviv, Israel
+972 3 544 0345
24-hour café and breakfast

Frida Kahlo
Lilienblum 43
Tel Aviv, Israel
+972 3 566 0481
Mediterranean, fabulous cocktails

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Here is a Google map of my favorite hotels and restaurants in Tel Aviv.

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