Mapplr’s favorite cafes, restaurants and bars in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

Neve Tzedek is where I like to hang out when I am in Tel Aviv. It’s a tiny neighborhood not far from the beach, but it’s packed with cool boutiques, restaurants and cafes. Here are my favorites in Neve Tzedek.

Mapplr’s Favorite Cafes in Tel Aviv

  • Dallal Bakery (in the alley behind Dalal): great pastries and espresso
    Kol Yisrael Chaverim 7
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    Tel +972-3-510-9292
  • Tazza d’Oro: coffee and light food
    Ehad Haam 6
    Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Nina Café (across the Nina Suites, my favorite boutique hotel in Tel Aviv)
    29 Shabazi Street
    Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Café Mia (read review of Cafe Mia)
    55 Shabazi Street
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    Tel: +972 3 516 8793

Mapplr’s Favorite Bars in Tel Aviv

  • Jajo Bar
    47 Shabazi Street
    Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Jajo Vino: just across the street from Jajo Bar, but specializes in wine

Mapplr’s Favorite Restaurants in Tel Aviv

  • Dallal
    10 Shabazi Street
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    +972 3 510 9292
  • NG meat bar
    Ehad Haam 6
    Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Kimel
    Hashachar 6
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    Mediterranean food
  • Mari
    Lilenblaum 1 (corner of Pines 27)
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    Mediterranean food
  • Yoezer Wine Bar (read review of Yoezer)
    Ish Habira 2
    Kikar Hashaon
    Jaffa, Israel
    (in nearby Jaffa by the clock tower)
    French, wine bar
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  1. Galit Vaturi says

    You forgot Suzanna’s for great food and beautiful setting.

  2. Arnon Kohavi says

    Galit, you are right. It is a classic in the neighborhood.

  3. yes Suzanna’s is the best! inside and out…

  4. elizabeth says

    Unfortunately, Jajo Vino’s sublime atomosphere, great track list and what may well be a good wine list (I’m no connosieur) is somewhat spoilt by the hoity rude female staff. Unfortunately, this place cuts against everything that is good about Israel – which is namely a warmth and laissez faire attitude that is customary in the Med.
    Had I wanted to feel shafted and insulted I would have gone to Paris. needless to say, service is not their strong point.