Mapplr’s favorite dim sum places around SF

I love dim sum, but the best dim sum I’ve had lately has been in restaurants just south of San Francisco. I go early on Sundays (usually before 11:30 when there are no queues). There are dozens of dim sum restaurants in and around SF, so I’m sure you know of places I’ve missed. There are even fancy, expensive dim sum places like Yank Sing by the Embarcadero, but I avoid them. For me, the whole point of dim sum is eating really delicious, inexpensive Chinese delicacies in noisy place filled with Asian families.

Hong Kong Saigon Sea Food Harbor Restaurant
1135 N Lawrence Expressway
Sunnyvale, CA
+1 408 734 2828

Joy Luck Place (CLOSED)
88 E 4th Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401
+1 650 343 6988

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