Mapplr’s favorite hotels in Rome

Coliseum Rome

There are few cities in the world that can compete with Rome when it comes to history, art, cuisine, shopping and atmosphere. In the past three years, luxurious, chic boutique hotels have opened in the city. Here is a list of our favorite boutique hotels in Rome (and apartments) that will suit different budgets. One of the most important decisions you need to make before booking a room in Rome is which area you want to stay in. I like the old Jewish quarter on the eastern bank of the Tiber, near the Isola Tiberina because from there, it’s quick to get to the main sites such as the Pantheon and the funky district of Trastevere.

Intown Luxury House
Via Bocca di Leone 7
Rome, Italy
+39 066 9380200

Leon’s Place
Via XX Settembre 90/94
Rome, Italy
+39 068 90871

St. George Roma Hotel
Via Giulia 62
Rome, Italy
+39 066 86611

Kame Hall
Via Paganica, 9
00186 Rome
+39 06 68 13 55 68

Babuino 181
Via del Babuino 181
Rome, Italy
+39 063 229 5295

Suite Dreams
Via Modena 5
00187 Rome
+39 06 48913907

Villa Laetitia
Lungotevere delle Armi 22/23
Rome, Italy
+39 063 226776

Hotel Fortyseven
Via L. Petroselli, 47
00186 Rome
+39 6 678 7816

Hotel Pulitzer Roma
Viale G. Marconi, 905
00146 Rome
+39 6 598 591

Suite Sistina
Via Sistina 53
Rome, Italy
+39 062 036 8380

Kolbe Hotel
Via di San Teodoro 44
Rome, Italy
+39 066 798866

Hotel Orange
Via Crescenzio, 86
00193 Rome, Italy
+39 6 686 896

Hotel Stendhal
Via Del Tritone, 113
00187 Rome, Italy
+39 6 422 921

Hotel Trastevere Manara
Via Manara Luciano, 24/A
00153 Rome, Italy
+39 6 581 4713


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Esme Vos is the founder of Mapplr, a travel site featuring boutique hotels, luxury resorts, travel guides and restaurant reviews. You can find her on and Twitter.


  1. hi, i like youer website…hope you like my website and my new boutique hotel in Rome…when you have time please have a look


  2. Simon Brooks says

    Hotel Tritone
    Via del Tritone, 210
    00187 Rome, Italy
    +39 06 69922575

  3. Giuliano Borruso says

    Very well organised site, well done Esmé! I booked this hotel, a small building in the heart of Rome with only six very well furnished suites, for 2 English friends of mine that stayed 4 days in Rome on a vacation. They where really pleased with their room and with the helpful staff and said they would recommend it to all their friends.