Mapplr’s favorite restaurants in Stockholm

Stockholm is one of my favorite cities in the world because it has two things I love: physical beauty and good food. I worked there for a while in 2000 as the Chief Legal Officer of Spray Network, a pan-European Internet portal based in Sweden. I have delightful memories of the city, not only because I was working with a group of fun people during a crazy time (it was the dotcom boom and we were about to do an IPO on three stock exchanges), but because of the beauty of Stockholm archipelago. Consisting of thousands of islands, some so tiny they can barely fit a house, the archipelago draws people who like water sports, but also those who treasure the serenity of a quiet summer weekend. I took ferries to and from the islands, savoured the fresh herring and crayfish, the berries in the summer, and the crispy apples in the fall.

Stockholm has a lot of fabulous restaurants, despite most people’s (including Swedes) disdain for the traditionally bland Scandinavian cuisine. Young chefs are reinventing Swedish cuisine and in cities like Antwerp and Amsterdam, there are Swedish chefs (a far cry from the Swedish Chef on the Muppet Show) who have established outstanding restaurants.

Below are the Mapplr favorites in Stockholm. I’d like to thank Hi-Jin Hodge (who grew up in Stockholm and goes back regularly) for providing me with an up-to-date list of good restaurants.

Primusgatan 116
+46 8 619 01 90

Norr Mälarstrand, Quay 464
+46 8 505 24 450

Restaurant Fredsgatan 12
Fredsgatan 12
+46 8 24 80 52

Allmänna Galleriet 925
Kronobergsgatan 2
+46 8 410 681 00

Malar Paviljongsen
Norr Malarstrand 64.
+46 8 650 8707

Here are a few more from the magazine, Food and Wine.

Le Rouge (same chef as Fredsgatan 12)
Brunnsgränd 2-4
+46 8 5052 4430

Brännkyrkagatan 93
+46-8 720 3550

Sturegatan 19
+46 8 22 6050

If you just want a quick lunch, head down to the Saluhall in Ostermalm. It’s a food and produce market with small restaurants that serve very good salads, soups, sushi, fish dishes, etc.


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