Mapplr’s editor reveals her favorite travel destinations

cusco peru

Main square in Cusco, Peru

Guido van den Elshout, owner of Haagsche Suites, a fabulous boutique hotel in The Hague, interviewed me recently about my favorite travel destinations and places to stay, as well as my top recommendations for visitors coming to San Francisco (first one is to avoid Fisherman’s Wharf). If you are curious about my favorite places to stay, what I recommend in SF, where to go for the best ice cream, read on:

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Esme Vos is the founder of Mapplr, a travel site featuring boutique hotels, luxury resorts, travel guides and restaurant reviews. You can find her on and Twitter.


  1. Thanks for the kudos Esme.
    Good luck on your travels


  2. Great interview, It’s so hard to find unbiased travel information especially from well known sites