Michelberger Hotel: funky artsy budget hotel in Berlin

I love Berlin because it seems to be one of the last cities on earth where cool people get to do cool funky things. Everyone knows that if you want to attract edgy young people, or simply people who are not stuck up, you can’t charge 500 EUR per night for the privilege of sleeping in a bed designed by a washed out French couturier. And if you want to open a hotel in a city that is home to artists from around the world (and their friends), you need to create exactly the kind of space where they would feel at home – a spacey sort of space. This is exactly what the Michelberger Hotel is.


Just check out the Michelberger Hotel website and tell me if you have ever in your life seen any other hotel website like it. Imagine a web designer presenting a website design like the Michelberger’s to the marketing department of the Marriott or the Sheraton hotel chain. You would see ambulances outside rushing hotel marketing executives to the nearest emergency room after their collective heart attack.

The Michelberger’s rooms range from cosy (for a couple) to Band (4-5 single beds, perfect for a rock band) to Michelberger WG (flatshare, shown below, for a bigger group – what fun you can have).


Personally, I am in love with The Clever One (pictured below) with a private library and bathtub by the window.


The hotel is the brainchild of 32 year-old Tom Michelberger and it is designed by Werner Aisslinger. Rates are around 65 EUR per night. There are 119 rooms. The location: in the up and coming Friedrichshain district by the Oberbaum bridge which spans the Spree River.

Michelberger Hotel
Warschauer Straße 39/40
10243 Berlin
+49 302977859-0

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