Miss Saigon: excellent, bargain Vietnamese lunch in downtown SF

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, lunching in downtown SF can be a nightmare. But slowly I’ve been posting my favorite lunch places so you no longer have to waste time choosing between office worker food pits (fast, huge portions) and tourist traps (fake Italian eateries and “child friendly” burger joints), both of which have been a catastrophe for the downtown SF food scene.

I recently posted a few of my favorite lunch spots in downtown SF and Embarcadero: Katana-ya near Union Square, and two Ferry Building restaurants, Delica and Boulette’s Larder.

Now you can add Miss Saigon to that list. The location is a bit dodgy, on the corner of Mission and Sixth. But it’s close to Bloomingdales and Mint Plaza (where my favorite cafe, Blue Bottle, is located). The restaurant itself is stylish and clean (in contrast to a lot of Vietnamese restaurants that pay no attention to decor). It’s the food — savoury, spicy and inexpensive — that makes Miss Saigon my favorite place to eat in that part of town. It’s MUCH better and cheaper than Out the Door, the Vietnamese restaurant in the basement of the Westfield shopping center, which is owned by the Slanted Door folks.

What to order: the Vietnamese crepe which is filled with shrimp and pork. The crepe is paper thin and crispy on the edges. You cut a piece, wrap it up in a lettuce leaf with mint leaves, and dip in fish sauce. Heavenly!

Miss Saigon is also open for dinner and takeaway. I have had the shaking beef which is excellent, too. Their curries are fantastic especially if you tell them to make it very spicy.

Miss Saigon
100 6th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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