New Thai airline PC Air hires transsexual flight attendants

PC Air, a Thai airline beginning operations in April 2011, has announced that it is hiring transsexual flight attendants. According to Gadling, “Thailand has one of the world’s largest transsexual, or “third sex” populations, and its surgeons have achieved a global reputation for providing relatively affordable, easily accessible sex change operations (which pertain to the transgender, not transsexual, population). PC Air doesn’t require sexual reassignment surgery; rather, applicants need to meet criteria that include language and customer service skills.” PC Air is the first airline to actively target the transsexual community. Its motto is — I believe it’s “my way” — (see photo below).

PC Air will start flying between Bangkok and Incheon Airport (South Korea), Narita (Tokyo) and Kansai (Osaka).

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