Old Jerusalem restaurant: best hummus and fantastic Mediterranean food in SF

If you are looking for the best hummus, musabacha (hummus with chick peas, cilantro-parsley-olive oil sauce, paprika) and baba ghannoush in San Francisco, stop by Old Jerusalem in the Mission. I’ve been to Old Jerusalem many times and it is always very good: the falafel is delicious (not greasy at all) and the shish kabob is excellent. Best of all, they serve you side dishes of olives, pickled turnips, Turkish salad (onions in a cumin-tomato sauce that is very spicy), and bakdounsia dip (creamy tahini-cilantro sauce) that goes well with falafel. Prices are very reasonable: a large plate of hummus for $6.50, shish kebab with rice ($11.95). Old Jerusalem is the perfect place to order large quantities of hummus, baba ghannoush and knafeh (a dessert made out of goat cheese, topped with honey) if you are having a party.

  • Vibe: ethnic dive in the Mission, hole in the wall restaurant with simple decor
  • Pros: best hummus and baba ghannoush in the city, inexpensive, good service, very good Turkish coffee
  • Cons: street parking, dark interiors, uninspiring decor

Old Jerusalem
2976 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
+1 415 642 5958

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  1. FYI – the picture you have included is from Abu Hasan, one of the best humus places in Israel, not Old Jerusalem in SF. This was discovered by clicking on the picture…

  2. Elan,

    I included that photo because most people do not know what masabacha looks like. Yes, I know it’s not from Old Jerusalem. I need to include Abu Hasan in my list of favorite places in Israel.

  3. Too bad. I saw the picture and said – "hey, somebody in America serves like Abu Hassan, and I was on my way to the car to drive to SF, then I saw the posts. I guess every Homus fan thinks the same thing upon seeing this picture. If I could just place Abu Hassan in SF, it will be declared officially as heaven.

    Still, It's great to learn of this place, I'm sure to check it the next time I'm in the mood for a good Musabcha.