Pagolac: delicious inexpensive Vietnamese food in downtown San Francisco

I love Vietnamese food so when a friend suggested Pagolac, I wasted no time in going there. It is located in the Tenderloin, an unpleasant area in San Francisco which is frequented by bums. Don’t let that deter you from going to the Tenderloin as there are good ethnic restaurants (Vietnamese, Pakistani and Indian) that serve delicious food for not a lot of money. What do I like about Pagolac? The noodle soups (pho) are excellent. The barbecued dishes – chicken, beef and pork — were also delicious. But my favorites were the rice paper rolls. Prices are very low so this is a recession favorite among foodies in San Francisco.

  • Vibe: ethnic dive, no trendy decor, very simple
  • Pros: delicious Vietnamese food, good portions (i.e. not huge), range of dishes from noodle soups to rice paper rolls and barbecued meats; walking distance from Union Square/downtown SF
  • Cons: Tenderloin location is dodgy, can be creepy to walk around at night

655 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
+1 415 776 3234

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