Pampano Restaurant in Mexico City: seafood in elegant surroundings

Pampano Restaurant in Polanco Mexico City

Mexico City is completely underrated. I don’t understand why more people from the US spend long weekends there. Great museums and art, historical monuments and pyramids, lovely parks and fantastic restaurants. On my visit to Mexico City last month, I went to a wonderful seafood restaurant called Pampano (it’s the name of a fish) in the chic Polanco district (side-by-side Bentley and Hummer dealerships). The  seafood was fresh and exquisitely prepared, and the service was outstanding.

  • Vibe: chic, elegant restaurant in the Polanco neighborhood; noise levels are low so you can actually have a conversation; well-dressed clientele.
  • Pros: fresh seafood prepared in innovative ways; luscious desserts. Portions are on the large side. Excellent service.
  • Cons: expensive for Mexico City, but not for people who are used to San Francisco or London prices.

Moliere 42
Mexico City, Mexico

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