Parool Amsterdam restaurant reviews on a map

Het Parool, the Amsterdam newspaper, has finally redesigned its website and it looks great. Better yet, they put all of Johannes van Dam’s restaurant reviews on a map. Van Dam is Parool’s opinionated restaurant critic. His standards can sometimes be a bit too traditional for me, but I agree with most of his assessments. I have been to Looks and Kinnaree restaurants, both of which I enjoyed. See more Amsterdam hotel and restaurant reviews. You can read all my Amsterdam hotel and restaurant reviews on Mapplr.

Below is a snapshot of the Parool restaurant map. It lists the restaurants on the right side with the score (on a scale of 1 to 10) that Van Dam has given them. The reviews are in Dutch, but you can just search for the names of restaurants with 8+ or more on Google. Hint: if van Dam gives a restaurant less than an 8, you must avoid it.

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