Recent additions to the Amsterdam dining scene: Looks and Kinnaree

Looks Restaurant in Amsterdam

I think I’ve found the best Thai restaurant in Amsterdam. It’s a new place called Kinnaree, located in the heart of the Jordaan. Unlike other Thai places in town, the interior decor departs from the traditional features of bamboo and loud colors. Instead the space is airy (it’s in a 19th century building with high ceilings) and modern. The food is absolutely delicious. We tried the beef with basil, and the shrimp curry with vegetables, and both were outstanding. And spicy, just as we like it. There is a small wine list. The prices were reasonable, too.

Two weeks ago, we tried a new trendy chic restaurant called Looks, which is located in Chinatown. Looks has an un-Amsterdam interior, which consists of large airy spaces and high ceilings, dark walls, recessed lighting, comfortable chairs and tables that aren’t squished together. I say “un-Amsterdam” because it is very difficult to find large airy restaurants in this city, and just as hard to find a place that doesn’t pack in the tables like sardines. The food is excellent — modern European cuisine. The lamb and entrecote were outstanding. They have an excellent wine list. Like Kinnaree, the prices are reasonable.

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Binnen Bantammerstraat 5
+31 20 320 0949

Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 14
+31 20 627 7153

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  1. Esme – Thanks a million – will make sure to check at least one of these when I’m there.
    A quick question – what’s reasonable in amterdam? how much should i expect to pay per person, with some wine?