Goodtime Restaurant: spicy delicious Thai food in Berlin

goodtime thai restaurant berlin

Berlin is one of my favorite cities in the world because it’s vibrant, young, artsy and international. Compared to other German cities, there are many good Asian restaurants. So imagine my excitement when I discovered a Thai restaurant in Mitte that serves very spicy Thai food. Goodtime Restaurant on Chausseestrasse 1 serves piquant curries, spicy soup broth, and all the other Thai favorites you’ve been craving, but unlike other “Thai” restaurants, this one doesn’t scrimp on the flavor and spiciness. The prices are also reasonable. Oddly enough, they serve Indonesia rijstaffel as well.

Restaurant Goodtime
Chausseestrasse 1
10115 Berlin
+49 30 2804 6015
(other locations at Hausvogteiplatz 11 and Teltower Damm 46)

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