Mapplr’s favorite restaurants in Tuscany: Montepulciano area


There are so many good places to eat in and around Montepulciano, so where to go? Ask the locals, of course. Cinzia Caporali, owner of La Locanda di San Francesco, a boutique hotel in Montepulciano, recommends five places:


(1) La Grotta: in Cinzia’s opinion, the best in the Montepulciano area for the quality of food and service. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner, but also for business meetings. The menu is based on fresh local products. Excellent wine list (French and Italian wines and champagne). Garden view of San Biagio Cathedral. Tasting menu for approx. 48 EUR per person.

La Grotta
Via Di San Biagio, 15
53045 Montepulciano (SI), Italy
+39 (0)578 757607

(2) Logge del Vignola: Cozy and intimate, less than 20 seats, in the historical center of Montepulciano. Attentive service, extensive wine list, menu based on local products. Tasting menu is between 40-45 EUR per person (cooking classes for small groups of two to four people on request).

Logge del Vignola
Via Delle Erbe, 6
53045 Montepulciano (SI), Italy
+39 (0)578 717290

(3)¬†Osteria Acquacheta: popular meeting place for the locals in the off-season, famous for the steak (fiorentina alla brace) and for the quirky character of the owner, Giulio. Handmade pasta and bread, and extensive offerings of vegetables as side dishes. The osteria also serves traditional Tuscan dishes that have been “lost” to memory and are very difficult to find elsewhere (for example, cibreo – a dish made of chicken innards and coxcombs). About 40 seats set along two long tables. Average price: 20-25 EUR per person.

Osteria Acquacheta
Via del Teatro, 22
53045 Montepulciano (SI), Italy
+39 (0)578 717 086


(4) La Porta: Family -run restaurant at the gate of the village boasts of a beautiful terrace.

La Porta
Via Del Piano, 3
53026 Monticchiello (SI), Italy
+39 (0)578 755163


(5) Latte di Luna: Family -run restaurant with a lovely outdoor space, great “pici” pasta; famous for “maialino al latte”.

Latte di Luna
Via San Carlo, 2
53026 Pienza (SI), Italy
+39 (0)578 748606

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