Rohet Garh: Rajasthan Heritage Hotel Near Jodhpur

Rohet Garh Jodhpur is another wonderful heritage hotel located a 45-minute drive from Jodhpur through scenic countryside and on main highway from Jodhpur to Udaipur.  Since 1622, Rohet has gained recognition as one of the most important Jagirs (fiefdoms) of the state of Marwarand.

The hotel was opened fifteen years ago and has been nurtured and developed with great love and care by the family into one of the finest Heritage hotels in India. No new building has been added in the renovation process, but rather, old edifices have been skillfully redesigned to create a heritage property that has few parallels.

rohet garh

Situated on the banks of a lake and set in the midst of rural surroundings, it is a haven of peace and tranquility. Sprawling lawns and manicured gardens, which invite a multitude of birds and dancing peacocks, herald your entry into this oasis where bird song is the only sound you will hear. A superb swimming pool with four charming pavilions entices you for a refreshing dip.

Dinner is often served by the poolside as folk musicians enliven the evening atmosphere. An elegant, beautifully appointed lounge, serene verandahs, and terraces with breathtaking views, make perfect venues for relaxation. The thirty-four individually decorated rooms add a touch of class. Pioneers of activities such as ‘The Village Safari’, and offering an array of activities- from an extensive equestrian program to culinary workshops-Rohet Garh has set the highest standards in quality and efficiency, offering its guests an experience beyond compare.

rohet garh

Rohet Garh proudly boasts of the finest kitchens in traditional Rajasthan cuisine. The chefs have been trained by the lady of the house, the late Thakurani Sahiba, who was the author of “Cuisine of Rohet Garh” and “Quick and Easy Rajasthani Cuisine”, the former published due to popular demand from guests. Many have called their meal at Rohet Garh, their best in India.

rohet garh

Thirty-four beautifully appointed air-conditioned rooms are the pride of the property. Each room is unique, boasting of its own special feature, all the while being welcoming and intimate. The frescoes set the rooms apart from the ordinary, and the furniture, designed in-house in traditional hues, is of the highest quality. All rooms have attached modern bathrooms, which are spotlessly clean and tastefully adorned.

When we stayed at Rohet Garh, we took advantage of the cooking demonstration class in which the chefs of the hotel’s restaurant show guests how to make classic Rajasthan dishes, including a fiery green tomato curry which is one of the specialties of Rohet Garh. This was our chance to ask questions about spices and vegetables used in Rajasthan dishes, cooking times and other details that have always intrigued us about this rich and varied cuisine.

Rohet Garh is a great place to relax after an exhausting day of sightseeing in Jodhpur and to immerse yourself in the culture and history of Rajasthan.

Rohet Garh Jodhpur
C/o Rohet House, PWD Road,
Jodhpur – 324 001 (Rajasthan) India
+91-291 -2431161

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