Sail Amsterdam 2010: hotel and travel guide

If you are planning a trip to Europe this month, don’t miss Sail Amsterdam, which takes place from August 19-23, 2010. This event happens only every five years and it’s impressive. I attended a couple of Sail Amsterdam events in the past and there’s nothing quite like it. And the Netherlands are perfect for hosting it because the Dutch have always been a seafaring people. What will you see? Tall masted ships, heritage sailing vessels like skutjes (traditional wooden flat bottomed boats still used in Friesland), a spectacular naval parade on Thursday, August 19, which will feature hundreds of ships sailing into the Ij, and more. There are many cultural activities and parties taking place during the week of Sail Amsterdam so make sure you check the Sail Amsterdam website.

Where to stay in Amsterdam during Sail 2010

I have compiled a list of my favorite boutique hotels and B&Bs in Amsterdam so start there.

Here are a few more links to hotel reviews:

Amsterdam Boutique Apartments: stylish living in the center of Amsterdam

Hotel Patou: luxury boutique hotel in Amsterdam’s posh shopping district

If you can’t find a room in the places I suggest above, go to the which has a listing of fabulous boutique hotels, B&Bs and apartments in the city and the surrounding areas. The site is in Dutch but you can easily figure it out. There is also a calendar and some of the reviews of hotels are in English.

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