San Francisco street food: Adobo Hobo makes delicious Philippine adobo

I finally had a chance to sample Adobo Hobo’s famous chicken adobo, one of the most popular dishes in the Philippines. The Adobo Hobo food cart happened to be in South Park today and since I live just ten minutes away, I went there for lunch. And it was  . . . excellent! My Filipino grandmother, most fabulous cook in the universe and the queen of adobo, would have been proud.

Adobo Hobo’s chicken adobo is a delightful balance of salty and sour (note: adobo has soy sauce and vinegar, but most people screw up by putting too much of one or the other). In addition, Adobo Hobo added just the right amount of garlic. Served over rice with two pieces of chicken drumsticks for $5 — a perfect lunch.

Now, a lot of Filipinos get into endless arguments over what constitutes the “real” adobo but there are as many adobos as there are cooks. There are also regional differences in the way people cook adobo. People in Pampanga tend to make it spicy, while in the Visayas, some islands even add coconut milk (this is sacrilege in my province, Bulacan, which sticks to the simple formula of garlic, soy sauce and vinegar). Note that Adobo Hobo has a vegetarian version, too. This is NOT originally Filipino as there is no such thing as Philippine vegetarian adobo, but this is the modern age and we are in SF, so good idea nevertheless.

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