More wonderful San Francisco street food: Lumpia Cart

I’m such a fan of San Francisco’s street food scene, exemplified by Adobo Hobo, Carte 415, and now Lumpia Cart. The name says it all: they sell Filipino lumpia. This evening I sampled the lumpia shanghai which is made of savoury ground pork mixed with minced carrots and spices, stuffed inside a very crispy lumpia wrapper. The lumpia sauce was divine: a perfect mix of sweet, sour and spicy. Delicious!

food cart selling lumpia in san francisco

For those who have never tried lumpia, it is the Philippine version of spring rolls, similar to the Vietnamese spring roll in that the skin is thin and crunchy. There are several types of fried lumpia: meat filling (shanghai), vegetable, and even one with sweet plantain (turon). There are also fresh (i.e. not fried) versions which are stuffed with vegetables or grated young coconut (ubod).

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  1. Hi Esme,
    I wish I could go to all those wonderful destinations on Mapplr but how about reviewing some places closeby to SF? I love Big Sur and haven’t been to some of the boutique hotels such as Post Ranch Inn.