Spencer On the Go: French twist on the taco truck in San Francisco (CLOSED)

Spencer on the Go

Taco trucks are the rage in San Francisco. I’ve written about Los Compadres at the corner of Folsom and Spear, and Tanguito (serving Argentine empanadas) in Fisherman’s Wharf. Both serve delicious, inexpensive food to the lunchtime crowd. Now that people are accustomed to eating good food out of a truck, why not expand the concept to non-Mexican food?

For a long time, the idea of serving gourmet food out of a taco truck in a parking lot would seem alien to most people, especially if the food isn’t Mexican. But these are extraordinary times. People who didn’t bat an eyelash splurging $150 on dinner are now on a budget, but they still want to eat well.

So what’s a restaurant owner to do? Start a taco truck. Laurent Katgely, owner and chef of the French restaurant Chez Spencer (on 14th and Folsom), has a French takeaway taco truck called Spencer on the Go at Folsom and 7th from Wednesday through Saturday starting at 6:00 p.m. I went there this week and was quite impressed. We ordered the pastis lamb stew ($10) which turned out to be a savoury dish with chunks of tender lamb in a dark rich sauce. The halibut soup with saffron aioli was outstanding, a true Provençal fish soup ($5). Other items on the menu included foie gras torchon and toast ($12), escargot puff lollipops, warm chocolate pudding, ratatouille served on a vol-au-vent (a shell of puff pastry filled with meat, but in this case vegetables) and much more. No dish exceeded $12 so it’s definitely one of the cheapest places to eat good French food in the city.

Spencer on the go
Folsom at 7th Street
San Francisco, CA

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