Sunflower Restaurant: Vietnamese cuisine on Potrero Hill (San Francisco)

vietnamese noodle soupSunflower, one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants in the Mission, has opened a second location on Potrero Hill where Baraka used to be. I went on opening night last Saturday and was shocked to see how packed it was. Nothing whatsoever has changed from the interior. It looks exactly like the old Baraka.

  • Vibe: neighborhood gem, relaxed, mix of young couples and families (which is what you get on Potrero Hill).
  • Pros: delicious Vietnamese food, in particular, the crispy fried fish and spicy string beans were marvelous; the fresh coconut juice is as fresh as it gets because they give you a coconut, puncture a hole in the shell and hand you a straw. All you have to do is sip.
  • Cons: some dishes such as the shaken beef could have been more spicy (concession to local tastes?).

Sunflower Restaurant
288 Connecticut Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
+ 1 415 861 2336
+1 415 861 4337

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