Sunny Wi-Fi cafes in San Francisco: Cafe Flore and Dolores Park Cafe

If you are looking for a cafe with a lot of light and a place to sit outdoors — but that also provides Wi-Fi access — there are two wonderful cafes, Cafe Flore in the Castro and Dolores Park Cafe in Dolores Park, you should consider. These two areas are adjacent to one another so it’s easy to walk from the Castro to Dolores Park on a sunny day and park yourself at one of these cafes.

Cafe Flore

Located at the corner of Market and Noe Street, this is a popular neighborhood hangout where you can also get a delicious lunch, breakfast or brunch. There is an outdoor seating area that is protected from the wind that is sunny all day (unless the fog comes in).

  • Vibe: metrosexuals, arty types and gorgeous bodies from Gold’s Gym across the street fill this laid back cafe at all times of the day. Wood interiors lend a cozy feel.
  • Pros: one of the best places for people-watching in the Castro; decent lunches and breakfasts; very good cakes; free Wi-Fi.
  • Cons: coffee is not as good as at Peet’s which is just down the street on Market

Cafe Flore
2298 Market Street
San Francisco, CA
+1 415 621 8579

Dolores Park Cafe

Another great place to hang out and enjoy the sun (with your laptop or iPhone) is the Dolores Park Cafe at the corner of Dolores and 18th Street. Like Cafe Flore, Dolores Park Cafe serves good lunches and is absolutely packed on a beautiful day.

They have a “sister” cafe in Duboce Park that caters to a lot of dog lovers. It’s called the Duboce Park Cafe (corner of Sanchez and Duboce).

  • Vibe: not quite as gay as Cafe Flore and lacking beautiful male bodies from Gold’s Gym, Dolores Park Cafe is nevertheless still a good place to watch people. A lot of Mission area neighborhood types (i.e. alternative) hang out here.
  • Pros: Outdoor seating area is in the sun almost all day, indoors you get a lot of light; decent lunches; free Wi-Fi.
  • Cons: coffee not as good as some other places in the Mission.

Dolores Park Cafe
501 Dolores at 18th Street
San Francisco, CA
+1 415 621 2936

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