Sushi Zo: amazing Japanese food in Los Angeles

You would never know from the location (two doors down from a Starbucks and around the corner from an unremarkable shopping center off the 10 Freeway) and the plain interiors that Sushi Zo serves some of the best sushi in Los Angeles. The dining room is small and you do not order from a menu. At Sushi Zo, it’s omakase style, which means they bring you whatever the chef decides. They do ask if you don’t eat certain things. Some people dislike sea urchin because of its strange consistency while others despise oysters. I eat everything.

Whenever a member of the staff brings a dish, they announce its identity (“butterfish”), then they issue a command, “soy sauce” or “no soy sauce”. An entire evening progresses with the march of more than twenty truly delicious dishes (monkfish liver, sea urchin, and others) plus the corresponding instruction: Soy Sauce! No Soy Sauce!

If you are looking for a Japanese restaurant with atmosphere or romance, this is definitely not the place. There are no gimmicks; there’s no trendy bar scene. But if your sole intention is to savour good sushi without all the distractions, Sushi Zo is for you. You must make a reservation and be prepared to show up later in the evening.

Sushi Zo
9824 National Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
+1 310 842 3977

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