Hotel Torralbenc: stylish luxury boutique hotel in Menorca

Hotel Torralbenc is a new stylish 15-room luxury boutique hotel in Menorca. The owners converted a series of traditional white-washed Menorcan farm buildings into a chic contemporary hotel with a swimming pool and a restaurant. Hotel Torralbenc is the first truly modern luxury boutique hotel in Menorca, an island that, unlike Ibiza and Mallorca, has […]

Top 10 destinations for spring

Springtime means sunshine, warmth, flowers and fresh brilliant green pastures, and our top 10 destinations for spring promise to bring you just that. Spring also means Easter, Passover (Pesach), Ascension (Himmelfahrt, Hemelvaart) and Pentecost (Pinkster, Pfingsten) holidays, during which many people take a few days or a week (or two) off. Here are our favorites […]

Travel guide Menorca: best beaches, charming country houses

I was inspired to write this article after reading this piece in the New York Times entitled Minorca: Off the Coast of Spain a Tranquil Biosphere Reserve¬†which accurately points out that unlike many of Spain’s coastal areas, which have been destroyed by the mass tourist industry, Menorca remains a protected beautiful island free of the […]