Eat Pray Love Naples Pizza Guide

Here’s a list of Mapplr’s favorite pizzerias in Naples, Italy. There’s a reason why Elizabeth Gilbert went to Naples to eat pizza in her novel, “Eat Pray Love”: Naples is where pizza was invented and perfected. In the film, Julia Roberts (who plays Gilbert) devours an entire pizza napoletana, in defiance of her expanding waistline. […]

Grand Hotel Vesuvio: great views over Bay of Naples, Italy

Naples is a culinary paradise, as the author of “Eat Pray Love” discovered when she went to Italy to indulge in the country’s gastronomic delights. But Naples is also more than that: it has history and physical beauty. If you are planning a trip to Naples, consider staying at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio, an opulent […]

Albergo del Purgatorio: bohemian chic hotel in Naples, Italy

If you decide to go to Naples, Italy to eat pizza like Julia Roberts in the film “Eat Pray Love”, don’t just stay for a day. The city is endlessly fascinating, with its palaces, churches and museums to delight you. For a truly unusual experience, check out the Albergo del Purgatorio, located in a Renaissance […]

Una Hotel Napoli: affordable boutique hotel in Naples, Italy

Are you thinking of spending a couple of days in Naples, to try the city’s famed pizza napoletana like the characters in the film and book “Eat Pray Love”? Don’t limit yourself to the pizza; the seafood, pasta, and desserts are all divine. And beyond the culinary attractions of the city, there are gorgeous baroque […]

Hotel Palazzo Caracciolo: affordable baroque palace in Naples, Italy

If you want to stay in Naples to explore its culinary and historical delights like the characters in “Eat Pray Love”, consider the Hotel Palazzo Caracciolo, a 143-room hotel in the heart of the city where neo-baroque meets modern design. It is close to the┬áMadre del Buon Consiglio, Santa Maria della Sanita and Capella Sansevero […]

Casa d'Anna: affordable bed and breakfast in Naples (Italy)

If you want to explore Naples and sample its culinary delights as depicted in the film and book “Eat Pray Love”, you should stay at least a couple of days to see the stunning baroque architecture in Neapolitan palaces and churches. An affordable, intimate B&B in the center of town is the Casa d’Anna. It […]

Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrento: seaside retreat on Bay of Naples

If you are going to Naples, head south to the beautiful towns of Sorrento and Positano perched on steep rocky hillsides with stunning views of the sea. Sorrento has been a favorite among travelers and Italians for more than a century. You can swim in the warm waters, explore the old town and take a […]