La Cour des Augustins: funky boutique hotel in Geneva

The words “funky” and “Geneva” do not belong in the sentence, let alone the same galaxy, but let’s pretend someone actually managed to put them together. What you’d get is La Cour des Augustins, a boutique/gallery/design hotel, not far from the center of town. Because it also functions as a boutique that sells lamps, glassware, […]

Maison Blunt: delicious Moroccan food in Zurich

Zurich is a wonderful city with stunning views of the mountains across the lake. It is cosmopolitan and urbane despite its small size. If, after two days of eating heavy central European food, you are craving something more exotic, make sure you go to Maison Blunt, a popular restaurant in the neighborhood behind the train […]

Mapplr’s favorite hotels in Zurich

If you are going to Zurich, check out Mapplr’s favorite hotels in Zurich. As many of you know, I am not a fan of chain hotels because I am looking for a more personal touch. However, I am not prepared to pay exorbitant amounts for a “boutique hotel” experience. A number of luxury boutique hotels […]

Mapplr’s favorite restaurants in Zurich

Mention Zurich to frequent travelers and two words come to mind: boring and expensive. Fortunately, much has changed in the past few years to make the city a bit more exciting, with more dining choices for people who aren’t in town to visit their private banker (although given the credit crunch and the disastrous financial […]