The Farm Jaipur: Eclectic Art Hotel in Rajasthan

The Farm Jaipur Hotel is a green and peaceful 6-hectare retreat only 30 mins from the vibrant and bustling city of Jaipur, India. The Farm Jaipur is largely constructed from spare parts and salvaged furniture from the family’s old palace, which was dismantled in advance of a major dam-building project. Here everything from the palace’s old doors and windows to the reclaimed wooden beams and bolts and screws are pressed into service.

The Farm Jaipur Hotel

The farm has six executive rooms, each one is visually unique, designed with a sense of whimsy to accompany the clean modern design. Three of the rooms face the swimming pool while the other three look across the sprawling gardens. There are many activities to keep one busy The Farm Jaipur,  from yoga and massage to outdoor adventures, cooking and painting classes, all in a lively social atmosphere. Meanwhile, the atmospheric city of Jaipur beckons nearby with all its historic charms. While India has many small historic hotels, usually situated in old palaces, it is a welcoming development to see new boutique hotels developed from the ground up by young entrepreneurs.

The Farm Jaipur Hotel

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The Farm Jaipur Hotel
32 Surgeev Marg
Dhankiya Road, Jaipur 302026, India
Tel +91 9828023030

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