The Thief Hotel Oslo: beautiful design, great location

The Thief Hotel Oslo is a fantastic place to stay because of its gorgeous interior (and exterior) design and its location, a new district called Tjuvholmen, which is still a short walking distance from the center of Oslo. Tjuvholmen has a 2-kilometre seafront (which is pedestrian and bike-friendly) with numerous restaurants and cafes, and the stunning new Astrup Fearnley Museum designed by Renzo Piano. Nearby lies a small bathing platform (if you dare to jump into the cold, clear waters) and a lovely marina. The Thief Restaurant offers delicious modern Norwegian food featuring seasonal specialties. The breakfast at the restaurant is quite amazing, a big departure from the usual hotel breakfast fare. The small rooftop terrace and bar is a relaxing place to hang out after a long day walking around Oslo. In short, the Thief Hotel Oslo is one of my favourite hotels in the world and I would stay there again the next time I visit Oslo.

the thief hotel oslo restaurant

Thief Hotel Restaurant

thief hotel oslo

Cozy chic room design at the Thief Hotel Oslo

thief hotel oslo

The Thief Hotel Oslo

museum near thief hotel oslo

Astrup Fearnley Museum near the Thief Hotel

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