Three boutique hotels in Israel

Bahai Gardens in Haifa

Bahai Gardens in Haifa

I have posted articles about boutique hotels in Tel Aviv. But every now and then, someone asks me where to stay in Jerusalem, Haifa or around the Galilee. Although Israel is a small country and one could do day trips from Tel Aviv, sometimes it’s better to stay overnight in another city.

In Haifa, I recommend the Colony Hotel, a recently renovated boutique hotel in the German colony. The hotel has kept its historic Old World charm, but upgraded the amenities to suit the 21st century. The hotel is next to many good restaurants and cafes. And when you look up to the hills, you see the magnificent Baha’i Gardens (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site).

The Colony Hotel
28 Ben-Gurion Boulevard
Haifa, Israel
+972 4 8513344

If you feel like getting away from the crowds, go to Safed (or Zafed) in the hills above the sea of Galilee. Zafed is also known as the center of Kabbalah, the mystical branch of Judaism. From Safed, you can go on hikes around the Galilee or enjoy wine-tasting sessions in the wineries that dot the landscape. If you want to stay overnight, I recommend Villa Galilee, an intimate boutique hotel in the French Provençal style with a lovely view of the countryside.

Hagdud Hashlishi 106
Har Cnaan
Zafed, Israel
+972 4 6999563

Now on to Jerusalem. You can’t miss Jerusalem. The traffic jams getting in and out of the city are gruesome, so if you want to explore it, you’ll have to stay overnight and take the time to visit old churches, wander aimlessly through the Old City’s narrow alleys, and visit religious sites like the Western Wall. Do not miss the Western Wall tunnels which takes you underground and along the unexposed portion of the Wall. Although Jerusalem has a lot of choices for accommodations, you should consider the American Colony Hotel (pictured below), probably the most historic place to stay. It’s expensive, but has a lot of atmosphere and charm.

American Colony Hotel, Jerusalem

The American Colony Hotel
One Louis Vincent Stteet
Jerusalem 97200
+972 2 627 9777

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