Three fantastic restaurants in Israel

Tel Aviv has a lot of good restaurants and I’ve written reviews about many of them. But what if you find yourself outside Tel Aviv, for example, in Jerusalem or in the north near Haifa? I have three restaurants for you, all of which serve wonderful food.

(1) Jerusalem: Mordoch (70 Agrippas, by the entrance to the Machane Yeyuda market, +972 2-624-5169) serves Iraqi/Kurdish food. Their specialty is the kubbeh (dumplings stuffed with spiced ground beef) soup which comes in different flavors and colors. The Adom has a deep red color, while the Chamusta (sour) has a green color. It’s a small hole-in-a-wall restaurant that has an unremarkable storefront and is often missed by people who do not live in the city.

(2) Akko (Acre): Uri Buri (93 Hagana St. near the lighthouse +972 4 955-2212) is in the Old City and is considered by local foodies to be one of the best seafood restaurants in the country. I tried the chef’s tasting menu, which works like this: the waiter asks you some basic questions (anything you don’t like or are allergic to) and after a salad and/or soup course, she brings you a half-portion (or full portion if you’re dining with a partner) of something special, not necessarily on the menu, made by the chef that day. Since they get their fish very fresh each day, it’s always a surprise and never a disappointment. They just keep coming with food until you tell them to stop.

Akko (Acre) in Israel

Akko (Acre) in Israel

The ancient town of Akko (Acre) which is north of Haifa on the Mediterranean, has many interesting archeological sites including Crusader walls and palaces, a mosque, and much more. It has been a trading/port town since the 16th century BCE.

(3) On highway number 65 into Tel Aviv: El Babur Restaurant, near Umm el Fahm (Wadi Ara) at the Ein Ibrahim junction (+972 4-611 0691) is what many locals consider to be the best Arabic restaurant in Israel. The small dishes (mezze) are divine and the Syrian kebab, malabi, and pomegrante juice are unrivalled. To be able to sample most of their dishes, you need to go back many times. It gets absolutely packed on weekends so you must reserve. On weekdays it’s not as crowded.

Syrian kebab at El Babur

Syrian kebab at El Babur

To help you find the restaurants, I’ve posted a Google map showing the locations of Uri Buri, El Babur and Mordoch.

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  1. By any chance are these kosher as well? I would so love to be in Israel now.

  2. Yes, Mordoch is kosher.