Tokyo Shopping: fountain pens, notebooks and agendas

Tokyo is the best place to find the finest fountain pens, as well as notebooks and agendas with good paper for fountain pen writing. Here are my favourite places in Tokyo for pen/notebook/agenda shopping.

(1) Tsutaya Daikanyama: Also called T-Site, this is the most luxurious Tsutaya bookstore in Tokyo. Make sure you have lunch or coffee at the 2nd floor lounge-style cafe restaurant. I’ve never seen a more elegant bookstore cafe. T-Site has a good selection of Japanese (e.g. Pilot and Sailor) and foreign fountain pens, and of course, notebooks and agendas. I purchased a Life Noble Notes notebook and matching leather cover here. Like all Tsutaya branches, this one has an astounding selection of Japanese and foreign magazines.

Tsutaya Daikanyama Tokyo

Cafe/restaurant lounge on the 2nd floor of Tsutaya in Daikanyama

daikanyama tsutaya tokyo

Tsutaya bookstore in Tokyo’s Daikanyama district

fountain pen friendly notebook

Life Noble Notebook with leather cover

fountain pen friendly notebook from Japan

What it looks like on the inside: Life Noble Notebook and leather cover

(2) Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more extensive selection of agendas (calendars) anywhere. I spent almost an hour just looking through the notebooks, agendas, paper products and pens. I purchased an agenda from Hightide (see photo below). Of all the agendas available, this one fit my needs because it has high quality paper and is just the right size for a small handbag. Tokyu Hands is right next to the Takashimaya Times Square department store.

japanese notebook agenda hightide


paper calendar 2014

(3) Ito-Ya in Ginza: There are 2 Ito-Ya stores on the same street and it’s worth visiting both of them. You will find an excellent selection of Japanese fountain pens and paper products. The stores are close to the Ginza subway station.


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